Iowa Arts Council Fellowship
credit: Bruce Bales, DEFT filmmaking 2019

On Walking
credit: Bruce Bales, DEFT Filmmaking

Creative Capital Workshop Presentation August 2018

Video representative art work
14th Street Flaneuse
Excerpt from 14th Street Flaneuse
Art by Mary Jones
Animation by Cyndi Wiley
Sound by Jude Mathews

14th Street Flaneuse is a hand-drawn, collaged, and animated loop with sound exploring the visual rhetoric of East Fourteenth Street in Des Moines, Iowa. I walked and documented, with photos, drawings, and writings, an eight-mile stretch of the city's major eastside corridor.

The street itself, zoned primarily C2 (general retail and highway-oriented commercial) is a former bustling commercial strip that has been displaced by the more recent "edge cities" surrounding Des Moines. It presents a complex message with its spectacular views of the state capital as well as trailer parks and businesses surrounded by barbed wire fencing. A residential strip at the north end of the street is home to many of Des Moines' working poor as well as the small liberal arts university where I taught for 17 years. It is a route meant to be driven, not walked. In essence, I walked my commute to work.

This walking project is ongoing, with solitary walks and drive-like diversions. It is documented in a series of mixed media paintings. My 2015 presentation on the project can be found under the "Bibliography" section of this website:
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This project was made possible in part by the Iowa Arts Council and the National Endowment for the Arts